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Jaguar SVR Rental in Dubai

Thinking of renting a Jaguar SVR in Dubai? Get great deals from 6ix Luxury Car Rentals Dubai. We have a fleet of high-end cars!

Features Of Jaguar SVR

SVR is all about performance and sportiness when it comes to Land Rover and Jaguar Cars! Although they resemble the original cars, the SVRs are on the highest level.

Engine Of Jaguar SVR

With a super-charged V8 engine and class-leading agility, this 2021 Jag F-pace SVR exhibits a great amount of raw performance on the road while delivering a high dose of charm and character with its ageing v8 engine. Hit the fast tracks of Dubai on this F pace and charge yourself to 62mph in a standstill of 4 seconds and onto a top speed of 178mph as time flies by your wind shade.

What Is The Top Speed Of Jaguar SVR?

The SVR can manage 0-62 mph in just 4.0 seconds and have a top speed of 178 mph.

How Much It Costs For Renting A Jaguar SVR in Dubai?

The approximate price of renting Jaguar SVR starts from AED 700 per day and reach up to AED 1500. The price can vary from model to model.

What Are The Rental Duration For Jaguar SVR?

The base begins from the daily rental. Also can be rented on weekly and monthly basis. 

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We have a fleet of luxury cars for rent in Dubai available at 6ix Car Rentals Dubai!

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