If you live in Dubai, you should be aware that there are rigorous driving rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Additionally, the Dubai RTA(Road & Transportation Authority) implements traffic rules and regulations in a highly effective manner.

When traveling to a new country or location, it's important to bear in mind any local customs and laws that must be adhered to.

The laws and guidelines completely depend on the type of road and vehicle you are driving.

Most of the tourists prefer to rent a car when they are visiting a new country. As a result, renting a car in Dubai is a flourishing business. 

In Dubai, there are numerous car rental agencies offering both self-drive and chauffeured vehicles.

What All Are The Traffic Rules & Regulations in Dubai?

Here are some of the essential rules to keep in mind while driving in Dubai:

  • The general speed limit is 40-80 kmph on minor roads, 60-100 kmph on main roads and 100-120 kmph on highways in Dubai. Do not Exceed the mentioned speed limit. If so the driver can be fined on how much he/she exceeds the speed limit. The penalties can range from 6-32 black points and a fine of AED 300-3000.

  • Driving without wearing a seat belt is punishable. This rule is applicable to the driver as well as any passengers in the vehicle. The violators will be fined AED 400 and will get 4 black points.

  • Violating the traffic signal is also punishable under the law. The driver will be fined AED 1000 for jumping the red signal crossing along with 12 black points and vehicle retention for 30 days. For heavy vehicles it is AED 3000 and their driving license will also be blocked for a year.

  • A driver who is found driving or attempting to drive while intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, or other substances is subject to imprisonment, a minimum fine of AED 20,000, 23 black points, and the impoundment of their vehicle.

  • Driving while using a mobile device is illegal. Anything is prohibited, including texting, calling, and so forth. The driver will receive 4 black points in addition to an AED 800.

    Documents Required To Rent A Car in Dubai

           You are eligible to rent a car across the emirate if you own the following valid


For Tourists Visiting The UAE:-

  • Passport

  • Visit Visa

  • Home Country Driving License

  • International Driving Permit (IDP)

For UAE Residents:- 

  • UAE Driving License

  • Emirates ID

           (Residential Visa may be acceptable)


Visitors from the GCC, US, UK, Canada, Europe and certain other countries can drive with their home country license, without the need of an IDP.